Being offended over Japanese sexuality is dumb.

Recently, I saw someone ask a sensible question: “Why does Hideo Kojima gets ruthlessly attacked for making a ‘overly sexual’ character in the latest Metal Gear game, while other examples of sexual behavior in games manage to fly under the radar?

My guess is this: Kojima is Japanese, and since Japanese culture is uninhibited about sex/sexual desires, it fucking TERRIFIES the people who want to be the new gatekeepers of morality.

To these gatekeepers, any expression of male hetero sexual desire is something shameful, but the salacious, steamy gay sex of Dragon Age is to be saluted as the ultimate act of social courage (even though Bioware, the game’s developer, has been catering to that crowd for over a decade now – their work hardly qualifies as courageous at this point).  To the sort of people that think any expression of straight male sexuality is dangerous, Japanese sexual mores are the Antichrist – their entertainment openly jokes about male perversion.  Watching an anime like “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!” would probably send these people into fits of apoplexy.

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Belayed New Year’s resolution: I will not uninstall Dota 2.

Some games are a struggle – and most of the time, I thrive on that struggle.  Not so with Dota 2.

I play a lot of different MOBAs – I got started on Heroes of Newerth, and moved on to the (much friendlier) SMITE and League of Legends, the latter of which I’ve stuck with for something like four years now.  It’s only recently that I’ve started getting GOOD at League of Legends – for the last two seasons I’ve managed to scrape my way into Gold Tier, which is the “you’re somewhat proficient at this” rank.  But sometimes nostalgia hits me, and I feel the urge to delve back into Heroes of Newerth.  Since HoN is all but dead at this point, I’m left with the younger, better-looking Dota 2.

And lord, how I LOATHE this game.

The above comic (source) is not an exaggeration for me.  My typical Dota 2 experience consists of maybe five games, after which I delete the game for my computer, wait roughly two months, and re-install it.  Even now I sit, downloading this goddamn monstrosity, KNOWING that I’m going to hate playing it.

The item shop is a confusing mess compared to pretty much every other MOBA on the market, especially when you factor in the secret shop.  Creep denial is a royal pain in the butt to manage.  Certain champions (fucking Riki) make the game a nightmare to learn.  Game abandonment is rampant – in the four games I played this month, none of them ended as a 5v5.  The community is a viper’s nest.

But there’s just something about this game, man.  Some sort of black magic rests at the heart of Dota 2, and it won’t let me go.  Which is why, this time around, I’m going to try to do things the right way -I’m going to try keep Dota 2 installed on my computer for the rest of the year.

God help us all.