So, some thoughts on GamerGate.

This will be my first blog post that wasn’t mandated by college courses, so of course it’s got to be about something controversial.

Today I’m going to talk a lot about GamerGate.  For those wondering where my allegiances lie, I take Totalbiscuit’s position: I lean slightly pro-GG, but I’m not directly involved with GamerGate (I don’t like a lot of the big-name personalities involved), and I condemn harassment by people claiming to be on both sides.  I’d like to bring people to the table to talk about the issues involved, rather than sling accusations about how much damage one side or the other has done.  A lot of this will be disjointed, and a lot of this stuff connects and cycles around.  Therefore, I’ll include some TLDR breaks when I’m about to head into a new topic – if you’re not interested in rambling, you should cut straight to the bolded portions.

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